About Me

I am a Professional experienced Mistress and Dominatrix. I delight in the world Dominence and get pure satisfaction out of subjicating My inferior clients.

Foremostly I am very discrete, strict, sensual, safe and sane. however i can be be cruel or compassionate depending upon how i am feeling

You will not find me someone who barks orders, as you enter My Domain and kneel, you will sense my overpowering Dominant nature and feel the outside world disapearing. 

Stripped naked, humilated by my sharp tongue, then manipulted to a place of Devine Dominence

I will circle your body like a wild animal waiting to ponce on its prey, as I circle I will read your body language, then when you are not expecting it I will make my move. From then on you will be Mine.

I adore most aspects of BDSM and very active within the  fetish scene, I am a house Domme at Toppers Club  in London and a regular attendee of Domina Parties.

If you wish to contact me directly, be brief, consise and respectful,

if you wish to please me send me a tribute of send me something from my wishlist.

I look forward to welcoming you to My lair very soon


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