Abuse - (Physical, Verbal, Mental & Emotional)
Abasiophilia (limited movement)
Anal play / Strap-On (Buttplugs, Dildos, Ben-wa balls)
Animal worship (Canine, Feline, Equine, Swine)
Anthropomorphic fetish (person dressed as a furry animal)
Apparel worship (Boots, Heels, Gloves, Latex, Leather)
Ball busting (Slapping, Squashing, Stretching, Crushing)
Bastinado/sole torture (Caning, Tawse, Scratching, Hot wax)
Beat down (Wrestling, Punch bag)
Belly button fetish
Blackmail Roleplay  
Boot Camp (enforced extensive exercise)
Bondage (Silk ties, Webbing with Velcro, Leather and buckles, Ropes, 
Duct tape, Cling film)
CFNM (clothed female nude man)
Cock Ball Torture (Ropes, Pegs, Clamps, Weights, Electrodes)
Corporal Punishment (Caning, Tawse, Flogger, Crop, Dragontail, 
Chasity Key-holding (please state duration next day/week/month)
Cross dressing 
Crush fetish 
C.E.I (cum eating instructions)
Domestic Discipline (Housework set out in sissy outfit or maid outfit)

C.E.I (cum eating instructions)
Domestic Discipline (Housework set out in sissy outfit or maid outfit)
Erotic Breathplay 
Edge play (Knife, Axe, Scalpel, Scissors) 
Electrical Play (EMS Machine or Violet Wand) 
Fabric Fetishes (Cotton, Silk, Satin, Lace, Fur, Nylon, Fishnet, PVC, 
Spandex, Leather, Rubber, Latex.)
Financial Control (you give me your money to spend on me)
Fisting (a well lubed gloved hand )
Fire Play 
Foot Worship ( Cleaning, Massaging, Kissing, Licking, Sucking)
Enforced Feminisation 
Enforced Bi servicing ( another male dom/sub to join us)
Enforced Intoxication (poppers)
Hair Removal (Shaving, Waxing, Pluck out, Rip-out)
Hierophilia - religion erotica 
Humiliation (physical, verbal, emotional, racial)
J.O.I (jerk off instructions)
Lipstick Fetish
Long finger nail fetish 
Mind games (emotional, sadism) 
Medical Play Non Invasive or Invasive ( Needles, Staples, Sutures, 
Mummification / Extended Bondage Session (clingfilm or vac-u-bed)
Multi-play (Mistress, Slave, TV)

Multi-play (Mistress, Slave, TV)
Mucophilia (snot) fetish 
Nipple Torture 
Objectification ( Tray holder, rug, furniture)
OTK (Bare hand, gloved hand, Hairbrush, Slipper, Ruler)
Orgasm denial 
Omorashi fetish (full bladder desperation to urinate )
Panty slavery (to worship my knickers)
Physical fitness training 
Plushophilia fetish (teddybears)
Public Shopping trip (fetish or vanilla)
Public humiliation
Queening and Facesitting
Roleplay ( Boss / Policewomen / Teacher / Nurse / Army Drill Sargent )
Sensory Deprivation (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch)
Solitary Confinement (corner time, cupboard) 
Small penis humiliation 
Strap On (very small to extremely large)
Spitting (giving)
Sploshing ( Cream, Jelly, Custard)
Tickle Torture 
Tie and Tease
Trampling ( face, torso, genitals)
Urethra play /soundings / catheters 
Watersports / Golden Showers (giving only)
Wet and Messy (sploshing)
Wax and Ice play

What I Do Not Offer
Sexual Services/Intimate Worship/Nudity
Hardsports/Fart Fetish/Arse Licking/Riming/Roman Showers/Smoking Fetish/AB Play/Inter family Role Play/Age Play


The material on this site is considered sexually oriented and/or explicit, which certain people may find offensive or obscene.

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